Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How to Update Wordpress?

If you are using wordpress engine as your blog (not hosted blog on wordpress) maybe you need to upgrade the engine with the newest version of wordpress. To do that is very simple. But it's necessary to backup you database and script first before update. If you have trouble with update you still have old database and script version that running well.

Below step by step to update wordpress engine:
1. Backup your database and folder that contain your wordpress engine. You can use backup facility if your hosting control panel offer it.
2. Download the newest version of wordpress from wordpress site
3. Upload the content of the newest wordpress folder that you have been download.
4. Run www.yourblog.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php You must change www.yourblog.com with you blog url.
5. You will see Upgrade Wordpress Requied like this picture. Click on Upgrade Wordpress to continue. Please wait until the proccess finish

6. If success you will see that Your WordPress database has been successfully upgraded! Click Continue to continue

7. You will bring to admin page. You have to login if you are not logged before.
8. If your template offer you can see your wordpress version on footer or sidebar.
9. Congratulation.

Have a nice try!

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