Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Create Block for Specifik Page on Drupal

My friend asked me to put his link on specifik page on my site that I build my site with Drupal. I thought it's very easy. Then I did that not more than minutes. His link doesn't appears to all page but only on specific page that he asked to me. So how can I do that?

For example if you want add some html script on certain term so here are what you must do. As note I use Drupal 5.xx another version maybe have same way.

First thing you must know ID (number) of the term If you don't know then let's do this.

1. Login to your drupal site
2. Go to Admin > Content Management > Categories > Choose list term on the categories that be mother of the term > Highlight or Click Edit
3. Then you will see number or ID of the term. Remember it

If you have get the ID than create a block

1. Go to Admin > Site Building > Block > Add Block
2. Save the block and edit again by click configure
3. Scroll down your browser and on the bottom you can see menu "Page specific visibility settings"

There are 3 option that you can use to show block on specific pages.
- Show on every page except the listed pages.
- Show on only the listed pages.
- Show if the following PHP code returns TRUE (PHP-mode, experts only).

If you just want show the block on specific page so choose option number 2 "Show on only the listed pages" Then on the textarea pages submit this


8 is ID of term. Because term located under category (taxonomy) so you must write taxonomy/term/8

4. Click Save
5. Now you can publish the block if it's not publish. It's mean you can locate block on specific section on your drupal site.

See if this is working.

Have a nice try!


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  2. this seemed so simple and i have tried to do it off and on for a few days now. i tried using my initial page 'titles' and that didn't work...once i had clean urls and url aliases enabled...i thought it might work, but hadn't tried yet. thanks for the step by step instructions!

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