Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Easiest Ways to Get More Visitor

There are many ways to promote or make your blog popular. You can submit into search engine, submit into directory, using Google Adwords, or advertise on newspaper. Except those ways, there are some easiest ways to promote your blog.

1. Give Comment on Blog
Don't forget to comment on every blog that you've visited. Use url input to submit your blog. Better if you comment on blog that doesn't have nofollow attribute so your blog will be indexed by Google.

2. Create Signature on Forums
This way suitable for you whom like post on forum. Use signature facility to promote your blog. Create brief description to explain your blog so people will interest to click your signature. Don't use image, use text. Google will not index url on image. Better you choose forums that have same topic with your blog topic.

If finding forum that have same topic with your blog, choose big forums that have many active members.

Use that ways you can promote your blog, get knowladge, and make relationships.

Share with us if you have another easiest ways. Have a nice try!

Three Ways to Redirect Site

Because of some reason you want to redirect your site to another site. There are three ways that you can use to redirect your site.

1. Meta Refresh
2. Javascript
3. PHP

1. Meta Refresh
Put this code into your page that you want to redirect. Put this script on

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="second; URL=other_url">

second = How long in second you your visitor will be redirected. Example: 2
other_url = New site that should be visited by user.

In some case, browser can't redirect to another site automatically. To solve the problem you can add direction site address. It means let people click the link to visit direction site address.


<title>You'll be redirected after 2 seconds</title>

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; URL=">
<a href="">Click here.</a> if you don't redirect in 2 seconds

If you want to redirect without rest you just nedd to change content="0;

2. Javascript
With javascript you can also create redirect function

Without time

<title>You'll be redirected</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""
If your browser doesn't automatically redirect, please <a href="";gtclick here.</a>

With time
<title>You'll be redirected after 2 seconds</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout('window.location=""; ',2000);
If your browser doesn't automatically redirect, please <a href="";>click here.</a>

Numeral 2000 is in milisecond or 2 second. If you want to set 10 second just type 10000 (10 x 1000)

3. Using PHP
If use PHP you can use this script


Change web_address with your address.

Have a nice try!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Cup Tea with PHP Nuke

PHP Nuke is old CMS that I ever seen in this world. It offer easy of creating website expecially creating portal. You can build website from the administration menu and you are not necessary to creating coding.

One thing that I remember when used PHP Nuke is the fatal bugs on each version. I say fatal bugs because it can demage the template. The bugs will be fixed on next version but another bugs will be exist on the next version. Thanks God for forums that gave good solutions to fix the bugs before PHP Nuke release newest version.

If you want to develop portal or site that contain news, you can choose PHP Nuke. Except easy of instalation and administration, there are many good modules that can make your site more powerfull.

Install PHP Nuke

I use PHPNuke 8.0 to create this tutorial. On the download file there are 3 folder:
1. html: contains all files that need to run PHP Nuke.
2. mysql: database file that will be used if instalation from web fail.
3. upgrades: all files that needed for upgrade from previous version

Below step by step how to install PHP Nuke
* Put contents from folder html to your folder on your webhosting that you want set to be your site.
* Run install folder from browser. For example: http://yourdomain/intsall/
* The pre-installation check will show checking result with the server that you use compare with PHP Nuke needed. If not compatible (sign with red color), please fix it. If there no red color then click Next
* After that you will see license page from PHP Nuke. Click Next.
* Then you will see configuration database (step 1). Write your database configuration on the configuration page.
* After that PHP Nuke will check if your configuration is true or false. If true you will see step 2 that will ask your website name.
* Then step 3 will ask you to submit Super Administration that will be used as god user to configure your website.
* Final step (step 4) will show username and password. Please write your username and password.
* After that you can choose to View Site or Administration.

Have a nice try!

7 Reason to Choose Drupal Rather Than Another CMS

For first time I don't like Drupal, it's very simple on interface and complicated on admin. But after I must use Drupal to create website I falling in love with Drupal and I am brave to tell you that I choose Drupal rather than another CMS.

Why Drupal?
Below seven reasons I choose (and suggest you to use) Drupal rather than another CMS.

1. A lot of easy on administration
Drupal administration looks complicated but if we want to learn it offer a lot of easy to create website with just click here click there without change the code. For example drupal offer easy of category content, tagging, creating menu include creating menu according to category or title of the content.

2. Interface that changeable
Site with Drupal should not show content on the front page. We can create welcome letter that only can be read on the front page and the content not show on the front page. Except that we can create block that only be shown on what page and for specific user. I summary we can change drupal interface not looks like drupal.

3. Insert PHP code
This is what I like, we can create block or page with PHP code inside. This is plus value for whom understand PHP. They can express they self with PHP code without change drupal file.

4. Always Update and Easy to Update
Drupal always give new version of their engine. The new version contain fixed bugs from the older version. The bugs not just been found by contributors but user from drupal website. So they also hear the user. Update process is easy and not complicated.

5. A lot of usefull modules.
Drupal has a lot of usefull modules and add on that can make your drupal site more powerfull. You can use module for Google Adsense, Save to Bookmark, Google Analitics, SEO, and another modules.

6 Availability tutorial and help
As the bigguest CMS, tutorial and forum help aren't rare things. There are many tutorial about drupal and forums that was created to discuss drupal.

7. Good for learning tool
Drupal administration is complicated. In fact it give advantage for whom who want to develop website. Drupal's capability to create content in PHP or HTML format is also suitabale for them too.

For your information now I develop site using drupal as engine. This site is about scholarships information. You can access on