Friday, February 25, 2011

Temporary Solve WP Hive Problem on Wordpress 3.1

Today I want to update my wordpress blog from Wordpress 3.0.5 to wordpress 3.1. I did this automatic from dashboard as I usually update plugin or wordpress version. Unfortunatelly, something unusual happen, my blog can't be accesed again, and I didn't backup my blog before update Wordpress. This a big mistake for me.

My blog only show

"fatal error: Call to a member function suppress_errors() on a non-object in .../ wp-content/plugins/wp-hive/includes/class.wphive.php on line 69"

I search on google and find no solutions about this. Almost every wordpress user who face problem like me said that the problem is on WP Hive. The conclusion WP-Hive is incotimple with Wordpress 3.1

In fact WP Hive status now is for sale. It means the author will not update WP Hive anymore. We can't wait until there is new owner of WP Hive

So the solution is deactive WP Hive and use multisite feature in Wordpress 3.1 to replace WP Hive. Another solutions is do not update your wordpress to Wordpress 3.1

But what should I do if I've update to Wordpress 3.1 and I didn't create backup? In my experience the solutions is very easy. You must downgrade your Wordpress 3.1 version. Fortunatelly the database has not been updated when you did automatic update into Wordpress 3.1.

Please note: Altought this trick work for me but I can't guarantee if there is no error when you do this. Be wise to backup your wordpress files and database. Otherwise you can try first on localhost

  1. Download previuos Wordpress installation

  2. Upload into your server to replace Wordpress 3.1

  3. Run your site again, it should be fixed.

Now your site, include my blog is running again.