Thursday, December 18, 2008

Active Curl on Xampp

I've searched how to active curl on xampp and found some methods. But after tested, curl function still do not active yet. After test some my own method, finally I found the way how to active curl.

The method is very simple, you just need uncomment extension=php_curl.dll on php.ini so it will be like this


But the problem is you need do that on the right php.ini which is use for PHP Configuration File on xampp. You can check where is location of the right php.ini from


Or you can create php file and write


After that run the script on your favorite browser. Then find these:

Loaded Configuration File :

You can see where is location php.ini. Now just uncomment extension=php_curl.dll and restart apache. Finally test your curl function and hopely it can working well on your computer.