Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Admin Menu Module to Administrate Drupal

Admin Menu is one of drupal's modules that I like. This module is not usefull for guest or some user but very usefull for administrator or every member that give access to maintain drupal site.

This module enders all administrative menu items below 'administer' in a clean, attractive and purely CSS-based menu at the top of your website. It contains not only regular menu items - local tasks are also included, giving you extremely fast access to any administrative resource and function your Drupal installation provides.

So it's save your time to work with your drupal. You don't need back to admin home page when you want to access administration menu. Just click the menu from the drop down menu at the top of the site.

For instalation
1. Download file that suitable with your drupal version.
2. Extract the file and upload to your modules directory.
3. Go to list of modules. Site Building > Modules or visit yourdomainname.com/admin/build/modules
4. Enable module Administration Menu then click Save Configuration.
5. Now you can see there is drop down menu at the top and you can access menu on administration direcly from the drop down menu.
6. To administer admin_menu go to yourdomainname.com/admin/settings/admin_menu

Have a nice try!


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