Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Cup Tea with PHP Nuke

PHP Nuke is old CMS that I ever seen in this world. It offer easy of creating website expecially creating portal. You can build website from the administration menu and you are not necessary to creating coding.

One thing that I remember when used PHP Nuke is the fatal bugs on each version. I say fatal bugs because it can demage the template. The bugs will be fixed on next version but another bugs will be exist on the next version. Thanks God for forums that gave good solutions to fix the bugs before PHP Nuke release newest version.

If you want to develop portal or site that contain news, you can choose PHP Nuke. Except easy of instalation and administration, there are many good modules that can make your site more powerfull.

Install PHP Nuke

I use PHPNuke 8.0 to create this tutorial. On the download file there are 3 folder:
1. html: contains all files that need to run PHP Nuke.
2. mysql: database file that will be used if instalation from web fail.
3. upgrades: all files that needed for upgrade from previous version

Below step by step how to install PHP Nuke
* Put contents from folder html to your folder on your webhosting that you want set to be your site.
* Run install folder from browser. For example: http://yourdomain/intsall/
* The pre-installation check will show checking result with the server that you use compare with PHP Nuke needed. If not compatible (sign with red color), please fix it. If there no red color then click Next
* After that you will see license page from PHP Nuke. Click Next.
* Then you will see configuration database (step 1). Write your database configuration on the configuration page.
* After that PHP Nuke will check if your configuration is true or false. If true you will see step 2 that will ask your website name.
* Then step 3 will ask you to submit Super Administration that will be used as god user to configure your website.
* Final step (step 4) will show username and password. Please write your username and password.
* After that you can choose to View Site or Administration.

Have a nice try!

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