Saturday, October 04, 2008

7 Reason to Choose Drupal Rather Than Another CMS

For first time I don't like Drupal, it's very simple on interface and complicated on admin. But after I must use Drupal to create website I falling in love with Drupal and I am brave to tell you that I choose Drupal rather than another CMS.

Why Drupal?
Below seven reasons I choose (and suggest you to use) Drupal rather than another CMS.

1. A lot of easy on administration
Drupal administration looks complicated but if we want to learn it offer a lot of easy to create website with just click here click there without change the code. For example drupal offer easy of category content, tagging, creating menu include creating menu according to category or title of the content.

2. Interface that changeable
Site with Drupal should not show content on the front page. We can create welcome letter that only can be read on the front page and the content not show on the front page. Except that we can create block that only be shown on what page and for specific user. I summary we can change drupal interface not looks like drupal.

3. Insert PHP code
This is what I like, we can create block or page with PHP code inside. This is plus value for whom understand PHP. They can express they self with PHP code without change drupal file.

4. Always Update and Easy to Update
Drupal always give new version of their engine. The new version contain fixed bugs from the older version. The bugs not just been found by contributors but user from drupal website. So they also hear the user. Update process is easy and not complicated.

5. A lot of usefull modules.
Drupal has a lot of usefull modules and add on that can make your drupal site more powerfull. You can use module for Google Adsense, Save to Bookmark, Google Analitics, SEO, and another modules.

6 Availability tutorial and help
As the bigguest CMS, tutorial and forum help aren't rare things. There are many tutorial about drupal and forums that was created to discuss drupal.

7. Good for learning tool
Drupal administration is complicated. In fact it give advantage for whom who want to develop website. Drupal's capability to create content in PHP or HTML format is also suitabale for them too.

For your information now I develop site using drupal as engine. This site is about scholarships information. You can access on

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