Friday, September 26, 2008

Server Apache+PHP+MySQL for Windows

Install Apache+PHP+MySQL on Windows is not so easy. You need to setup each software manually to get the server running well. For lazy people who don't want get confused by the configuration (like me) there are many software installation that let you install the three component just by clicking the wizard.

Below some software that I ever used

1. Xampp
I use this software right now. The size is smaller than apache2triad. The program is update periodic. Except for Windows the program also come for Linux.

2. Apache2Triad
The size is very big (about 100 MB) but the component is complete. Except Apache, PHP, and MySQL, there are phyton, phpmyadmin, and another program. Unfortunately there is no update for this software right now.

3. PHPTriad
Old bundle Apache PHP MySQL installation. The size is smallest than the other software because it just contain old version of Apache, PHP, MySQL. This is the first software that I used on Windows. But now I don't use it anymore because the software has not been update again.


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